What Makes the Best Website for a Small Business.

Nov 28, 2022 | Effective websites

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Effective website for small businesses

As a small business owner, you want your website to be as effective as possible. A great website will help you convert more of your visitors into new clients, increase engagement with existing clients, and ultimately grow your business. But what makes the best website for small businesses?

Most web designers offer pretty designs that look great, but is it the only thing required to make the website a success? In the next paragraphs, we’ll talk about the most important things to implement on your website to make it work for you.

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Conversion-focused website

A conversion-focused website is one that has been designed to turn visitors into paying customers. A conversion-focused website should be easy to use, have clear calls to action (CTAs), and include helpful visuals such as videos or images that explain what makes your product or service unique.

A good conversion-focused website should also have an effective layout that allows users to easily navigate from page to page without getting lost or confused and also encourages them to take action quickly and easily—which leads directly to increased conversions and revenue growth over time.

Making sure that your website is designed with a goal of converting visitors into new clients will help you to transform it into a powerful marketing tool.

Clean, Smooth, and Consistent Design

Although the pretty design is not everything, it’s still a big part of what makes your small business website work.

Your website should have a clean and smooth design that is consistent throughout the site. This means using colors, fonts, and images that complement each other while still conveying your message clearly. Clutter can be distracting and frustrating for visitors so make sure your page isn’t too busy or overwhelming. The first impression is still a powerful thing, and a website that looks great will considerable increase your chances of getting more clients.

Clear message.

This point is getting missed so often even by the big brands, it’s hard to believe. One of the most important things you can do to make you website work is to clarify your message clearly stating what problem your business solves, how it will make your cliens life better (easier, richer, etc) and what to do to start working with you. It’s better to do it above the fold (aka in the header of your homepage) to make sure your visitors are immediately clear about the benefits your product or services offers them.

High Quality Content

Gone are the days when web designers successfully stuffed pages with keywords at the expense of meaning and user experience. Google and other search engines are now trained to look for the intention behind the search query and reward the sites that provide useful content that satisfies visitors’ interest.

Other than ranking in Google, site content is a great tool to boost your sales.

Storybrand copywriting is a strategy that focuses on creating clear and concise messaging for your business or brand. It involves crafting stories that resonate with your target audience and help them to better understand who you are and what you offer. By utilizing compelling storytelling, you can drive sales, build trust, and create strong customer relationships.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular as people turn to their phones instead of their computers when browsing online so make sure your website is mobile responsive so visitors can easily navigate through it on any device without having to zoom in or scroll around excessively. Additionally, nearly 40% of people will stop engaging with a slow website so make sure your pages load quickly no matter what device they are accessed from.


Using analytics tools such as Google Analytics allows you to track visitor behavior which can provide valuable insights into how people interact with your site which in turn helps you identify areas of improvement and measure success against set goals more effectively than ever before.

Speed & Performance

The recent statistics are very clear – people don’t want to deal with slow websites. While fixating on unreachable 100% performance score is unreasonable, you want for your website to be agile enough to stop your fast-paced visitor from clicking away to your competitors pages. You can read more on this topic on our article on Website Load Time.


Make sure that everyone has equal access to the content on your site no matter their physical ability or technical literacy level by following accessibility standards such as ADA compliance guidelines. Other than simply making the life of some of your clients better, an accessible site increases your chances to rank higher on google and helps you to avoid legal problems with ever-strengthening online accessibility laws.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a great marketing tool that helps you grow your audience by offering something useful in exchange for contact information. A lead magnet is an effective way to capture leads who may not be ready to buy just yet but could potentially become customers down the line (e.g., ebooks, templates, etc.) Offering something like an email list signup form helps build relationships with customers as well as provides additional opportunities for marketing campaigns down the line while also helping boost SEO rankings. Below is a great example of an effective lead magnet implemented by Hubspot.


Finally, you need traffic coming in if you want anyone to see what you have going on. Driving traffic to your site should be among the top items on any small business owner’s list of priorities; without consistent traffic, there won’t be any leads or sales generated either. Focus on creating content that attracts organic search engine traffic as well as using social media, advertising, email campaigns, etc., to drive people to explore the rest of your site once they land there.


Contrary to popular opinion – a website is not just a digital business card, and if you only use it as one – great news, you have tons of potential in front of you. A great website will help you convert more of your visitors into new clients, increase engagement with existing clients, and ultimately grow your business.

If you’re curious about how effective your website currently is or want tips on how to improve it, schedule a free website audit with us today. We’ll analyze your website and provide tailored recommendations that will help you reach your business goals.