Conversion-Focused Website: What It is and How It Can Help Your Business.

Dec 8, 2022 | Effective websites

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You may have heard that to be successful online you need a website that generates conversions. But what exactly is a conversion-focused website? And how is it different from a regular one? 

In this post, we’ll explore differences between regular and conversion-focused websites. Additionally, we learn how you can use conversion-focused design to give your business an edge online and to encourage your website visitors to take the next step and convert into paying clients. At the end of the article, I’ll show you some great examples of conversion-oriented websites that will give you a clear idea of the concept. Let’s get started!

What is conversion-focused website

Websites that are conversion-focused are designed to help businesses achieve specific goals. Conversion-focused websites combine powerful web copy with a particular layout to increase sales, generate leads, and build customer relationships. It is not enough to have beautiful visuals to guarantee conversion rates. In other words, a website’s layout and content must address the needs of each visitor, and thus create an environment that encourages website visitors to become customers.

A conversion-focused website also uses analytics to measure performance factors, such as time on page, bounce rates, and conversion rates, to respond swiftly when necessary.

How does it differ from a regular website.

Imagine two salespeople at the jewelry store. They both look nice and pleasant, but they are quite different. One of them is not conversion-focused. Standing meekly in the corner waiting for a client to approach, he blurts out some banal sales pitch like: “we have the best watches in town! ”.

However, the other one is not waiting to be approached. He is active, knowledgeable, and confident but not intrusive. Showing different models and educating her on specifics, he takes the customer around the shop. He helps the client make the right choice and moreover, feel good about it. That’s our conversion-focused website vs the regular website. 

A conversion-focused web design helps direct web visitors towards sales, allowing web traffic to generate sales rather than simply act as window shoppers. 

How to create a conversion-focused website

1. Define the goal of the website.

It’s hard to design a website that brings results when you don’t have a goal in mind and don’t know your target audience. It can quickly turn into a disjoint collection of page elements that has no flow and confuse site visitors visitors. 

Even though a website can have several goals, you should determine the one most important action you want your site visitors to take on the website. This is key to having a focused website. Your goal might be to schedule more appointments, receive more calls, grow your subscribers list, etc.

It’s much easier to create an effective webpage when you are clear about its goals. 

2. Make things as simple and clear as possible.

It is an underestimated rule among web pages. Humans tend to gravitate away from chaos and toward clarity. That is a deep unconscious instinct we all share. Make clear what you do, how you can help your clients, and what is the next step to start working with you, and you’ll certainly increase website conversion rates.

3. Create clear call-to-action (CTA)

As we want our website visitors to know what to do next, we need a visible and prominent CTA button. 

A recent study found that calls to action on the landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. However most websites don’t take advantage of using an action button on their websites and landing pages.

example of call-to-action button on a web page

It’s worth mentioning here that it’s often better to use bold CTAs like Buy Now or Call Today rather than ambiguous Learn More or Start Here. 

4. Incorporate social proof

Social proof is an incredibly powerful sales tool – by seeing the success of others, potential customers are more likely to consider your product or service. Incorporating social proof on a sales page is an effective strategy for businesses to make a lasting, positive impression on website visitors. Customer stories, reviews and testimonies are incredibly powerful in increasing conversions and sales. Leverage this tool as part of your marketing, and you’re sure to see a noticeable increase your website conversion rate.

example of testimonials section of a webpage

Using these important elements will boost conversions and engagement and will help you to achieve your business goals.

Examples of conversion-focused website

Below are some examples of conversion-focused websites:

Title area of OptinMaster hompage optimized for converting visitors into customers.

OptinMonster homepage is our first example of a web page that is perfectly conversion-focused. Look how all the three points we spoke about are present on the page. It doesn’t distract user by clutter and unnecessary information.

Title area of conversion-focused Starry Night Dance Studio website

Our second example of example of one of the websites made by Black Cat Web Studio. Again all 3 principles are in place. Calls-to-action are noticeable and the web page has a flow that encourages site visitor to make a call.

Title area of a non-profit website optimized for conversions.

ZoeEmpowers website is an example of a great non-profit web page that educates its site visitors and at the same time focuses on its primary purpose – raising money for a good cause. 


By now, you understand what a conversion-focused website is and how beneficial it can be for your business. Likewise, you know what one comprises and have some effective examples to study. To learn more on how to improve your website read our article on What makes the best website for small business.

If you’re feeling motivated to take action on make your own conversion-focused website but aren’t sure where to start contact us. We offer free website audits that will help show you  what areas of your website need improvement to start driving conversions. And if you want even more support, our team is always available to chat about ways we can collaborate together.