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Meet the team.

Hi! I am Varvara, founder of Black Cat Web Studio. I am passionate about business, web design, education, and cats. All of it I combine in my work at Black Cat Web Studio. 


Before my web design career, I’ve been a small business owner for almost a decade. I am practically-minded and understand all the challenges of running a small business from the inside. During years of being a business owner, I’ve done it all – digital marketing, advertising, HR. But most of all I love systemizing the business, turning it into a smoothly working machine, freeing up your time to go to the next level. That’s the reason my websites are focused on problem-solving, not just pretty design. 

Web Design.

In 2020 I’ve started my web design career, trained first as a UX (User Experience) specialist, and eventually fell in love with the visual part of the design, and realized that web design exactly the place for me to combine my passion for systemizing and automation, creating visual beauty and helping people to achieve their goals in business. 


As you probably already understood, I am a big cat lover. At the beginning of my Web Design career, I made a commitment to donate at least 1 hour of my weekly time to a local New Jersey shelter, where I help to make sure animals’ transition time is as comfortable as possible. My two cats Fiona and Thomas are part of the team and make my home office a much better place. 

Let's talk about websites!

We build websites are:

Mobile friendly

Nowadays websites can be accessed from a bunch of screens of different shapes and sizes. We’ll make sure every element on your site looks awesome on every device.


Search Engine Optimization

Let’s say it. We think that google should love your new website not less than you do. We build your website the right way from the beginning to make Google love it. 

Conversion focused

While looks are important, the primary goal of your website – is to bring you the clients you want. Our websites are focused .on leading the client to work with you

We make

websites that solve your business’ problems

We build websites that don’t just look good, but also solve your business problems. We create conversion-oriented designs that help with lead generation and encourage your clients to take a step towards working with you.

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