About Us

Your Business Growth Is Our Passion

Welcome to Black Cat Web Studio

Hi! I am Varvara, founder of Black Cat Web Studio and I am passionate about business and web design.
My experience as a small business owner dates back almost a decade prior to founding Black Cat Web Studio. These years of operating a moving company made me practically-minded and gave me an understanding of all the challenges that business owners face. That’s the reason my products are focused on problem-solving, not just pretty design.
I began my web design career in 2020 as a UX (User Experience) Designer. After realizing that the corporate world of UX design wasn’t for me, I transitioned to developing websites for small and medium businesses. In this work, I can combine my passion for systemizing and automating, creating visual beauty, and helping people achieve their business goals.

We build websites are:

Mobile friendly

Nowadays websites can be accessed from a bunch of screens of different shapes and sizes. We’ll make sure every element on your site looks awesome on every device.


Optimized for search engine

We think that google should love your new website not less than you do. We build your website the right way from the beginning to make Google love it.


While looks are important, the primary goal of your website is to bring you leads and clients. Our websites are designed to engage visitors and encourage them to work with you.

Get a targeted, well-crafted webpage without investing a fortune.

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