How does a clear website message help your site convert?

Jan 3, 2023 | Effective websites

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On average visitors spend 52 seconds on a web page. In this short amount of time, how can you capture their attention and encourage them to engage with your business further? Creating a clear website message will help you with that.

In addition to the clean look of your website, what you say to the visitor is what determines whether he stays and develops a relationship with you further. 

Often, website content is just used to fill gaps in pretty webpage templates. This approach is easier but comes with a price – you lose out on precious opportunities.

Even though how your website looks affects its success, what your website says is far more important. Content is a powerful tool that can bring about a lot of change if used correctly.

The benefits of a concise and clear website message

People love clarity

This is one of my favorite rules of thumb about website copy, and marketing in general. It’s not pleasant to be confused. It’s not pleasant to feel inadequate and incapable of understanding that much – what the website is about. By being clear you are being polite. You show that you respect your visitors’ time and energy.

You can create a deeper connection with your customers.

The decision to make a purchase is rarely rational. With so many options on the market, it takes more than just a good deal to get a client. It takes connecting on some deeper level. And by being clear and sharp with your message you are doing just that – increasing your chances of developing this deeper connection. 

People don’t read, they scan

The majority of people don’t read content, they scan it. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in writing high-quality copy. Quite the opposite – you need to make sure the words they are taking out of context are powerful enough and every word that grabs their attention is meaningful. Scanning through your page should give an idea of what your business is about, and why people might want to work with you. 

Tips for making sure your website’s message is communicated effectively

1. Above the fold is important

The area above the fold is the area a visitor sees without scrolling right when he enters your website. It’s the most precious real estate that gets the most attention and it’s often a right place for your value preposition. Using it wisely will immediately grab the user’s attention and make them feel connected to your website. 

2. Make it clear what you sell, how it can make your customers’ lives better and what to do next.

That is the kind of information that usually belongs above the fold. You client needs to immediately find answers to these 3 questions: What do you do? How will it make your client’s life better? What to do next to get what you offer? Answering these three questions increases your chances of getting a lead.

3. Use language that your audience understands

Resist the temptation to show your expertise by using words your clients might not understand. Demonstrate your knowledge of and concern for your audience’s needs, rather than trying to impress them with jargon. Be aware of the curse of knowledge. As a result of cognitive bias, we tend to believe our clients know what we know, which is rarely the case.

4. Keep it short

Keeping it simple is key – every word should serve its purpose. By being concise we respect our visitors’ time. We use only as many sentences as are necessary to express our point of view. We don’t fill pages with words just for the sake of filling them.

5. Use images and other media to supplement your message

Images and other graphic elements can be a great help to get your point across. An image is worth a thousand words. Images are particularly effective for expressing emotions which can be difficult to do through text. 

Strong website messages examples

Evernote app

Evernote is very clear about the benefits their app users enjoy – organizing your life and work. There is also a large banner with a discount that will surely get more people to subscribe.

Above the fold area Evernote homepage


No fuss – just the benefits of how Grammarly helps you write. They use an animation to demonstrate how easy it is to use Grammarly, and this is a great example of using media correctly.

Above the fold area of Grammarly homepage

Cycle Bar

Cycle Bar is very minimalistic and concise. They fit all that their client needs to know into one main headline – World’s Best Cycling – and accompany it with a powerful and emotionally-charged image.

Above the fold area of Cycle Bar homepage

Austin TX Maids

This company took a clear and concise message to the next level. We don’t see a regular menu bar at the top of the page. Nothing to distract a visitor from the company’s main objective – requesting a quote and becoming a lead. 

Above the fold area of Austin TX Maids homepage


A clear website message communicated throughout your site is essential if you want to make sales and conversions. The way you speak to your visitors on your website will determine whether they stay and develop a relationship with you further. Make sure your website’s message is communicated effectively by following our tips, and check out some strong examples of website messages done right.

If you need help crafting the most effective message for your website, schedule a free consultation with us today. We’ll be happy to chat with you about how we can help take your business to the next level.

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