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Does your website reflect how much value your customers get from using your products or services? Is it clear what problem your business solves?

At Black Cat Web Studio we create websites that make people want to work with you.

Our services

Helping businesses get more sales with:

Website Design

Have a strong online presence with our powerful lead-generation websites. From online scheduling to lead magnets, we know exactly what your website needs to bring you sales.

Website Maintenance

Never lose your digital face in front of your potential clients! Our maintenance plans ensure your website is always up and running and  include monthly content changes to keep it fresh.

Sales Funnels

Are you ready for some growth? We set up effective sales funnels and  lead your visitors through a series of well-crafted steps to transform them into leads and ultimately into customers.

Effective Website Plan

How Does It Work?


You tell us about your awesome company

We have strategies and guides in place to help you form your effective messaging


We create you a goal-oriented website

Using "Storybrand" marketing framework, we design and build an effective website, based on your specific needs.


You enjoy the inflow of leads from your new website

More appointments, walk-ins and incoming calls



Successful business is all about systems. We make websites with your business strategy in mind or help you develop one.



Black Cat Web Studio is your one-stop shop for an effective website. We cover all aspects of website creation and we make it simple for you.



We design websites with your business goals in mind, whether it is to get more walk-ins or simplify your sales process.

Why work with us?

We know web design can be overwhelming. You probably feel a bit lost in this complicated world of infinite online opportunities. Is it more effective to invest in SEO or a beautiful brand design? Should we hire a brand strategist or a copywriter first? Many small businesses struggle with these questions.

We am here to help. With years of experience operating a business and a passion for strategy, systems, and beautiful design, we build websites that not just look good but become the best tool to grow your business.

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portrait of Varvara Langer - founder of Black Cat Web Studio

Varvara Langer

Owner and Web Strategist


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