5 Ways to Power up Your Website

Aug 8, 2023 | Effective websites

Reading Time: 5 minutes

So you have a fresh and clean website for your business. It is attractive and engaging. It clearly shows what problem you solve for your clients, and how you can help. And it guides your client toward taking the next step and work with you. Now what?

While having a conversion-focused website is already a solid foundation for getting clients online, there are some things you can do to make it even more powerful. This is what I call a next level website – a website that has all the tools and features to build trust, show your expertise and increase the chances of your online visitors becoming clients.

Make it easy

We live in a complex and often overwhelming world and the internet plays a big part in making us feel this way. That’s why we strive to deliver the smoothest and simplest experience to our clients.

Assuming you already have a website that makes it easy for visitors to understand your product and the problem it solves, the next step would be to make it easy for them to trust you, get in touch with you and solve their problem.

Most of the tools on this list are about convenience – we are trying to make it easy for a client to take the next step. We are trying to eliminate anything that requires extra mental efforts, because we care. We want our clients to do what they love rather than frustratingly look for answers to their problems online.

How you can power up your website.

1. Online quote

People like getting a quote with just a few clicks.

I find myself avoiding calling for more information for fear of the tortured phone music and endless hold times. When I’m not in a rush to buy a product, I’d rather request a quote online.

The more simple it is to get a quote online, the more likely you are to get a solid lead and a potential client instead of just a curious visitor to your site.

The important thing here is to respect your client and deliver on your promise. Offering an instant quote implies online calculator. But it might not be feasible for your business model, and implementation can be expensive. Skipping the word “instant” and responding with a quote the next day can be a better solution if an online calculator is not an option.

Online quotes should not resemble sleezy medical insurance tactics, where clients get nothing in return except constant phone calls. If you need more information to determine the exact cost of the project, you can offer a ballpark quote first. You can follow up later for more details and with a more accurate estimate.Give your clients an idea of what they can expect after filling out your quote, and you’ll gain extra trust.

2. Online payment functionality

Having an online payment option on your website is a huge advantage. Some of my clients actually come to us for this feature because their clients ask them to accept online payments.

Besides, it makes it easier for clients to pay for your services without having to stop and think about how they are going to do it.

It also increases trust, because it makes your business look more professional and client-oriented.

The payment process must be simple and without glitches and frustrating extra steps. It is especially true for mobile users. Phones have small screens. If it’s too difficult to pay, people will quit trying and go to your competitor.

A website that has a smooth online payment process not only adds credibility and authority to your business, but also attracts clients who are apprehensive about emails and phone calls and like making purchasing decisions fast. And it seems like more and more people are this way nowadays.

3. Free guide or checklist

Guides and checklists are very effective lead magnets. Adding them to your website is an excellent way to increase your audience, showcase your expertise, and promote reciprocity. Everyone loves free resources that are helpful and educational.

Your guide or checklist should provide real value and directly relate to your business. Fir examples, if you own a house plant shop you can offer a guide: 5 ways to ensure your plants are healthy and lush.

Remember: it should be something valuable, not just a list of random tips you can find online. You should make sure that it’s useful to your potential clients and helps them make better decisions about their project. Print outs are often helpful as they are more tangible than just reading material.

4. Resources page

Resources page is another great way to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. It allows you to provide helpful resources to your clients, which helps them in their decision making process. And it simply shows that you care.

It should include links to industry magazines, websites, blogs, and any other sources of information that can help the customer learn more about the service that you are offering.

You can also add links to videos or tutorials on how to use your product or services. This would be especially helpful for those who are not savvy in your industry and need some extra help understanding what you are offering.

5. Blog

Don’t underestimate a good old blog. In addition to authority, expertise, and trust, your blog affects your SEO and makes Google love your website more! A blog is an excellent way to provide valuable content for your visitors and keep them engaged. It can include posts related to your services, industry news, and tips that could help customers with whatever your product or service is about.

You can also use it as an opportunity to showcase your work, share success stories of your customers, and build relationships with potential customers by responding to their comments on the blog.

Quote: "No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” – President Theodore Roosevelt.

Compassion towards your client. 

As someone who is easily overwhelmed by ‘too much’, ‘too fast’, and ‘too loud’ of our modern world, I try to deliver this message – make it easy for your client.

Your product makes their lives better – that’s fantastic. Now you have to deliver the message that you have a solution to their problem, so they don’t have to waste their time and energy searching for solutions. And to deliver it in an easy and pleasant way. Believe me, your clients will appreciate that

By following the above steps, you can create a website that is designed to power up your business and help your clients. By simplifying payment process, offering valuable resources and guides, creating a resources page and blog, and showing compassion towards your clients, you will be able to attract more visitors and convert them into clients. Your website will become an invaluable asset for your business success. 

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